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Popup Module for Divi

The Divi Popup Module has been one of the highest requested modules by our customers. And we know a thing or two about creating a Divi Popup using the page builder. In fact, we invented the page builder powered popup when we launched the Divi Overlays plugin back in 2017. Now we’ve combined our experience with popups for Divi into Divi Modules Pro with our brand new Divi Popup module!

With the Divi Popup Module in Divi Modules Pro, you can create simple popups right on the page without even leaving the builder! Or, you can insert a Divi Layout from the Divi Library to create gorgeous page builder powered popups where the popup design is limited only by your imagination.

Popup Demo 1

Simple Modal Popup with Header & Footer

Popup Demo 2

Click Trigger with Sale Promotion Divi Layout


Sale Promotion Popup

The Divi Popup Module in Divi Modules Pro lets you trigger popups from images, text, buttons, icons, or any other element on the page by CSS ID/CSS.

And you can select a Divi Library Layout to use at the popup content which means you can use the entire Divi Builder to design the popup!

Popup Demo 3

Video Popup



Video Popup

The Divi Popup Module in Divi Modules Pro makes creating Video Popups extremely easy!

(autoplay is also available to start the video immediately)


Popup Trigger Types

Included in the Divi Popup Module


Click Triggers

Click triggers will trigger the popup when the user clicks on the pre-defined element on the page. In the Divi Popup Module, you can choose multiple click trigger types: button, image, text, icon, or the CSS class/ID of another element on the page.

Timed Delay Trigger

With the Timed Delay Trigger, you can set the popup to automatically trigger after a certain amount of time. Or, you can also trigger the popup on page load, by setting the time delay to 0 seconds. This will load the popup immediately on page load.

Exit-Intent Trigger

The Exit-Intent Trigger will automatically trigger the popup when the user’s mouse is headed towards the back button. This is designed to give you one last opportunity to grab the user’s attention before they leave forever.

Additional Popup Settings

Included in the Divi Popup Module


Popup Conditions

Divi’s built-in Condition Options work great with the Divi Popup Module! For automatic triggers, this means the popup won’t trigger unless the condition is met. And for click triggers, the trigger won’t show at all unless the condition is met. Easily limit the popup to only display for users that are logged-in, have visited a certain page, or are using a certain browser. There’s so many possiblities!

Global Popups

The Popup Module is designed to let you easily create a click triggered popup or auto triggered popup on a per page basis. However, if you add the popup module to a theme builder template, you can create global popups that display across your website while only creating the popup once. Combine this with the condition options too for even more precise control over your popups!

Need more popup features? Take a look at Divi Overlays. It’s the most powerful popup builder for Divi! – View Divi Overlays Demo