Incredible Modules for Divi Users

Powerful & Feature Rich Divi Modules

Everything you need to build stunning
Divi websites faster than ever before!

Only the Best Modules

We pride ourselves in only creating the modules you need, and none of the fluff that you don’t! We strive for quality & not quantity & will only add the most important modules you need!

Stunning Template Sections

Easily create from scratch or use one of our gorgeous demo layout template sections. Each module comes with 3-5 demo section templates, & more on the way!

Full Layouts (Coming Soon)

We’re creating gorgeous layouts using our incredible modules to help you kickstart your next project! Building feature-rich websites will be easier than ever before.

What is Divi Modules Pro?

Divi Modules Pro is a single plugin that get’s installed to your Divi website just like any other WordPress plugin. Once installed, you’ll have all of our incredible Pro modules that you can add to any Divi powered page. Plus, you can choose to disable any modules that you don’t plan on using. This will keep the modules from displaying in the list of modules in the Divi Builder, but more importantly, it will prevent the plugin from loading resources for those unused modules!

Powerful & Creative Divi Modules

All the Modules You Need.

…and none of the ones you don’t.

Divi Modules Pro is and will always be focused on quality and not quantity. We will never add fluff modules just to boost module count. Each module added is done after careful consideration in order to only add modules our customers really need and want. Plus, our All Access Pass members will be able to vote on new modules we create (& suggest new module ideas too) to ensure we’re always putting customer’s needs first.

Multi Button

Restaurant Menu

Image Hotspot


Flip Box

Hover Box

The Most Performance Focused Divi Plugin

Dynamic Assets = No Plugin Bloat!

Divi Modules Pro includes 10 modules (with many more coming soon). But don’t worry, it won’t slow down your site! After months of focusing on performance, we’ve crafted several performance focused features to ensure the plugin won’t slow down your site:

  • The CSS & JS files of only the enabled modules will ever be loaded!
  • External CSS/JS libraries will only be loaded on the pages they are actually needed. This means if you are using our Carousel module on one page, the carousel assets will only be loaded on that one page!